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If you are a child or adolescent with Central Auditory Processing challenges, CAP4kids can help you understand your diagnosis and find the best products, people and services for your unique CAP needs. 


Led by kids with our own CAP challenges, we understand your needs, and we are here to share our experiences and offer peer-to-peer guidance as you make your journey through school, friendships and life.


Our insider tips include:

  • You can visit an audiologist, who will run some hearing tests, discuss your needs, and recommend specific resources to improve your CAP-abilities.

  • Hearing aids might help you hear more clearly. Your audiologist may show you the choice of hearing aids, and help you purchase the hearing aids you like.

  • There are many technologies to build your CAP-abilities, including websites such as Lace.

  • Your audiologist may also suggest you work with hearing and language specialists to practice specific CAP-strengthening activities. These professionals are usually available in public schools and in their own private offices. 

After using some of these technologies and working with special instructors for a couple years, you might return to your audiologist to measure how much you have improved your CAP skills and to adjust your CAP-strengthening. In some cases, the audiologist might tell you an estimate of when you won't need your hearing aids anymore. 

 We support kids with
Central Auditory Processing challenges
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