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Who We Are
What is CAP?


Central Auditory Processing is the way the brain processes auditory information to help you understand what you are hearing. People with CAP challenges may experience problems with learning and daily tasks.

Our Mission

CAP4Kids is a non-profit foundation to help children, young adults and their families understand Central Auditory ProcessingOur purpose is to support young people who are diagnosed with CAP challenges by providing information, resources, and support.


CAP4kids is a peer-to-peer support system created by, and for, children facing Central Auditory Processing challenges. We are unique in two ways:


  • All our research showed only websites designed for adults, with complex language. CAP4kids is a digital space uniquely created by kids with CAP challenges, to help other children with similar difficulties to understand their situation in simple, kid-friendly terms; to access peer support in navigating and selecting the best options to strengthen their CAP-abilities; and to help advocate for their needs and interests.

  • Our research showed that every resource uses the terms "Central Auditory Processing Disorder" or "dysfunction." We believe it is important to never use these negative terms because CAP challenges are not a bad thing. We use only the term "CAP challenges" because we know that our situation is not a permanent dysfunction but rather a challenge we can overcome -- with time, determination and support of resources like CAP4kids.

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